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Hyve: Backoffice

Configure store hours, create discounts, organize your inventory, manage your menu, pull reports, track inventory history and more. Hyve's backoffice lets you do it all.

Customizable Dashboard Reports

See the information that matters to you right on the dashboard.

Hyve backoffice dashboard

Manage Your Menu.

See what's missing information

Easily identify and correct missing information like a price or photos.

export sales report in Hyve

See what's discounted at a glance

Categories and products that are discounted will have a yellow tag next to them. Hover over it and you'll see which discount that applies.

export sales report in Hyve

Metrc Portal.

See what's in Metrc without logging in. Hyve lets you fetch and view data directly from Metrc. The Metrc Portal will save you time and let you do everything from a single place.

backoffice metrc portal in Hyve

Fine Tune Permissions.

backoffice role permissions in Hyve

Control what employees can see and do. Apply general permissions to employee roles and specific permissions directly to the employee if needed.