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Hyve: Online Ordering

A skilled sales representative in your customer's hands.

Cart Upsells

Systematically increase your average sale by offering related product and other high-conversion upsells at the point of checkout.

cart upsell in Hyve's online ordering app

Compliance Alerts

Hyve ensures that all online sales are compliant with state purchase limits. Online shoppers are shown a warning if their order goes beyond the limits and must adjust their order before they can submit it.

compliance alerts in Hyve

Add to Homescreen

Stay at the top of your customer's mind with your store's brand right on their homescreen.

homescreen icon

Redeemable Offers

Manually create offers or use triggers to send your customers deals.

  • Dollar and percent discounts
  • Rewards multipliers
  • Broadcast with SMS
  • Birthday offers
redeemable offers in Hyve

In-App Messages

In-App Messages let you passively communicate with your customers when they visit your site.

Use In-App Messages to inform customers about daily specials, upcoming events, policy changes, new products, etc.

  • Sticky messages
  • Feature messages to make them stand out
  • Set expiration dates on time-sensitive messages
in-app messages in Hyve

Loyalty Rewards

Hyve lets your customers view their rewards balance and redeem points when they order online. When they arrive in store, your budtender can scan their digital rewards card to pull up their order immediately.

  • Digital rewards card
  • Redeem points online
  • Customizable to your needs

Enable refer-a-friend rewards to help grow your business!

digital loyalty rewards in Hyve

Membership Pricing

Hyve makes it easy for you to offer membership pricing, like veteran discounts. Your customers will automatically receive their discount when they shop in store and online!

product social share in Hyve

Discount Badges

Discounted products are easy to identify and discounts apply right in the online cart. Your customer will know the exact total of their order, including any applicable taxes, when they checkout.

compliance alerts in Hyve

Live Chat

Improve the online shopping experience by letting your customers communicate directly with your staff.

live chat conversation in Hyve

Back In-Stock Product Alerts

Let your customers request alerts and Hyve will automatically let them know when products are back in stock.

back in stock alert in Hyve


Turn refer-a-friend rewards on in the loyalty settings to reward your customers for helping grow your business. It's a win-win for everyone!

refer-a-friend rewards in Hyve

Product Favorites

Let your customers save their favorite products. You'll learn more about your customers and Hyve will offer their favorites as upsell options at checkout.

live chat conversation in Hyve

Product Sharing

Hyve makes it easy for your customers to share your products on their social channels. Pro tip: have your employee share their favorites to bolster your online social presence.

product social share in Hyve

Order Updates

Hyve's custom curbside pickup workflow simplifies communication between customers and your staff. Keep your customer up to date with the status of their order so they know when it's ready for pickup or your delivery driver is on the way.

order updates in Hyve