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Hyve: Metrc Compliance.

Complete transparency into inventory compliance.

How Hyve keeps your dispensary compliant with METRC

1. Never Sell Negative

Hyve's Register App won't let your budtender sell a batch into a negative value. Instead it will show a warning.

Hyve register sell negative warning

2. MMP information is required when selling medical batches

Hyve's Register App requires your budtenders to enter MMP information when selling any medical batch before they can complete transaction.

3. Adjustments are processed in METRC before Hyve

In order to ensure Hyve's inventory stays in sync with Metrc, Hyve processes all adjustments through Metrc before your Hyve database is updated.

If an adjustment fails to be processed by METRC for ANY reason, we'll let you know what happened immediately.

4. Rigorous Order Reporting Standards

If METRC doesn't accept an order within 60 seconds, we can't know for sure what happened. METRC may have crashed or it may just be super slow to respond.

In this case, we can't safely mark the order as reported. Instead, we mark it as failed and leave it to human eyes to check METRC's console and confirm if it was reported or not.

If this ever happens, an alarm will go off in the backoffice alerting you to the problem.

compliance alert in Hyve

Hyve will even send you a Slack notification to immediately inform you that a compliance issue needs human attention.

slack compliance notification sent from Hyve

After verifying the order's reporting status in METRC, you can mark the issue as resolved or resubmit it to METRC with the click of a button.

resubmit order that failed reporting in Hyve

5. Automated Nightly Audits

Every night, Hyve automatically checks all active batch inventory against the inventory value in METRC and makes the results available on the dashboard compliance report.

Inconsistencies are easy to identify and resolve.

6. Facilitate Inventory Best Practices

You're expected to close packages when they have no inventory. Having lots of empty packages that haven't been closed raises a flag with the compliance agency.

Hyve's dashboard compliance analysis lets you know what batches are at zero inventory and makes it easy for you to close them all with a single click.

If a batch ever goes negative, the compliance report will let you know so you can check the batch history to find out what happened.

And if any inventory batch goes out of sync with METRC, you'll be the first to know.

dashboard compliance analysis in Hyve

If you want complete transparency into your compliance matters:

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