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the tools available in Hyve

“Hyve's got you covered.”

Hyve combines all the tools dispensaries need in a single, easy-to-use package. With everything in one place, your team will be more efficient and your dispensary will operate smoother.

A smarter way to run your business.

Automated Marketing

Supercharge your marketing efforts with nearly a dozen tested, fully automated campaigns to help you recover lost sales, reward high-rollin' customers, etc.

Wanna try something new? Pick a trigger and roll your own campaign.

  • Win back campaigns
  • Abandoned cart recovery sequences
  • Birthday and anniversary offers
  • Roll your own!
automated marketing campaigns in Hyve

Compliance Alerts

Get notified as soon as something goes wrong. Sometimes Metrc's system doesn't respond and we don't know if an order was properly reported. Hyve will let you know if this happens and walk you through the steps to resolve it.

  • Instant notifications to your phone
  • Backoffice alerts
  • Resubmit orders with the click of a button
  • Inventory alerts when items run out of stock
metrc compliance reporting status in Hyve

Inventory Conversion

Hyve lets you convert bulk inventory into pre-rolls without ever leaving the backoffice. No need to log into Metrc.

  • Do everything from one place
  • Easier workflow
  • Track time spent rolling pre-rolls
converting inventory in Hyve


Create Tasks for all the pre-roll and pre-pack work that needs to be done.

Assign tasks, set due dates and keep an eye on them from your dashboard.

Hyve will track the time spent on each task so you have accurate records for you accountant.

tasks in Hyve


Use information from insights when considering keeping or removing a product from your shelves.

  • Know what products your customers favorite
  • Know what out of stock products are in demand
insights in Hyve

Website Analytics

Website Analytics keeps you informed about how many visitors your website is getting, where they're coming from and which ones are paying.

Discover unknown traffic sources and unexpected revenue streams. Locate traffic hotspots so your ad dollars produce greater ROI.

  • Track the source of your online visitors
  • Know how much revenue is coming from where
website analytics in Hyve


Search Engine Optimization helps local shoppers find your store.

Hyve increases your online visibility by keeping the major search engines up to date with your products.

  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Automatic submission to Google and Bing
  • Follows SEO best practices
seo in Hyve

The right tool for the job.

Online Ordering

Hyve's Online Ordering platform is the next generation of cannabis e-commerce.

Oh, and it's 100% white-labeled to your brand.

  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Auto-applying discounts
  • Redeemable offers
  • In-stock notifications
  • Live chat
  • Customer favorites and more!
Hyve online menu

Register App

Hyve's Register app is fast, stable and flexible. Whether you're serving customers in-store or filling online orders, the Register App is intuitive and easy-to-use.

  • Runs on desktop and iPad
  • Offline mode ensures you never miss a sale
  • Compliance warnings and restrictions ensure your budtenders never sell beyond the state's limits
  • Permission controls with manager overrides
  • Integrated weigh station and label printing
  • Specialized pickup workflow
  • Fill online orders
  • Paper, email or no receipt options
Hyve register app

Inventory App

Hyve's Inventory App makes tracking and managing your inventory easier than ever.

  • Save valuable time on every inventory audit
  • Eliminate errors by scanning barcodes instead of matching up numbers
  • Get immediate feedback when adjusting inventory
inventory audit screenshot in Hyve inventory app

Check-In App

Hyve's Check-In App makes creating new customer accounts and checking in existing customers a breeze.

Hyve let's you do it all right from a phone

  • Digital rewards check in
  • Create customer accounts
scan customer digital rewards in Hyve

Driver App

Hyve's Driver App works together with the Delivery Console to create a complete delivery solution.

  • Print manifests
  • Assign orders
  • Communicate with customers
  • Manage delivery orders without ever logging into Metrc
delivery map in Hyve driver app


Hyve’s Backoffice is the central powerhouse of your operations.

  • Convert bulk flower into pre-rolls
  • Assign and track tasks
  • Intake inventory and print labels
  • Manage discounts, menu, online orders and deliveries
  • Audit batches
  • Send marketing messages
  • Access Metrc data through Hyve's Metrc portal
  • Pull reports and more
converting inventory in Hyve

A better way to engage your customers.

“Hyve streamlines our workflows and has provided us with the tools that have allowed us to reach our customers online better than ever.”

In-App Messages

In-App Messages let you passively communicate with your customers when they visit your site.

Use In-App Messages to inform customers about daily specials, upcoming events, policy changes, new products, etc.

  • Sticky messages
  • Feature messages to make them stand out
  • Set expiration dates on time-sensitive messages
in-app messages in Hyve

Loyalty Rewards

Hyve's Loyalty Rewards program makes it easy for your customer to sign up, earn, track and redeem rewards.

  • Digital rewards card
  • Redeem points online
  • Customizable to your needs

Enable refer-a-friend rewards to help grow your business!

digital loyalty rewards in Hyve

Live Chat

Live Chat lets your customers communicate directly with your staff.

  • Serve more customers with less resources
  • Communicate at the point of purchase
  • Customers love it!
metrc live chat in Hyve online ordering app

SMS & Push Notifications

SMS & Push Notifications allow you to actively reach out to customers with deals and other offers.

Track click-throughs and conversions right in the backoffice.

  • Send now or schedule messages for later
  • Capitalize on the highest-level of engagement
  • Easy for customers to opt in or out
  • Track link clicks and conversions
sms message sent from Hyve


Hyve makes it easy for you to configure:

  • Daily deals
  • Happy hours
  • BOGO offers and more

Hyve automatically applies deals at your point of sale and online so your customers know exactly how much their order will be when they arrive at your store.

discounts in Hyve's online ordering app

Order Updates

In-App Order Updates let your customer know the progress of their order; when it's ready for pickup or the delivery driver is on the way.

Hyve simplifies communication between your team and your customers, making everyone's day just that much smoother.

  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • Better customer experience
  • Faster service
order updates in Hyve's online ordering app

Everything else

  • Complete data migration.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Create delivery manifests right from the backoffice
  • Manage and track delivery drivers
  • Customizable reports. Put the data you want to track right on your dashboard
  • White-labeled online ordering to match your brand
  • Bulk inventory actions to save time
  • Real-time feedback when interacting with Metrc
  • Scheduled or real-time compliance reporting for sales

If you’re still wondering if you can do something in Hyve, the answer is YES!